Mother Nature. The most beautiful thing the world has to offer us is its magnificent and beautiful landscape. Showcasing the green trees, grass, and blue oceans that we often come across everyday. This is the focal point of Landscape Architecture, to make the surroundings more pleasing to the eye. A landscaper in Toronto who made one of the most beautiful places to visit in High Park, Toronto where tourists and locals go to enjoy a peaceful walk in the park admiring what Mother Nature has to offer. With landscaping, these architects make admiring the world around us much easier and basically give us a better view on life.


Protecting the environment is a job all of us humans have as inhabitants of the earth. However, nowadays we tend to do more hurt than care for our environment but because of Landscaping, we are able to preserve the beauty of the earth through various structures made by architects. Aside from protecting the environment, Landscape Architecture has found various solutions to problems of the environment such as pollution, wherein they build structures that help the air we breathe. An example of this is the Rockefeller Preserve by architect Laurance S. in Wyoming that showcase our amazing environment while protecting it without sacrificing the beauty of it.

The issue of sustainability is also tackled by landscaping. Through Landscape Architecture, saving energy and water purification are now going on a bigger scale and is now known to more people through structures built by the architects. Reviving previous polluted areas are also an area landscaping put effort into. An example of this is the Westergasfabriek park in Amsterdam where it was heavily polluted but architects were able to successfully revive it through the landscape architecture. Stormwater management is also an issue the architects tackle because of the high number of hurricanes and storms that pass all countries everywhere. With the help of Landscape Architecture they are able to create systems that are sustainable and can potentially bring back to life dying ecosystems.

Truly, Landscape Architecture is currently playing a big role in mankind’s attempt of saving the world. Providing us with the tools to hopefully bring us back to being a sustainable and eco-friendly world. Introducing various solutions to almost all environmental problems and launching them at a large scale. We should be very grateful for the Landscape Architects out there who constantly make it a point to protect the environment and give us hope that we can truly bounce back from our old ways and replace them with good habits that will not only benefit us but Mother Nature as well. This trend of sustainability started by the architects is slowly catching on with people switching to natural alternatives for food as opposed to the factory made products that are totally messing up our environment through the smoke belching factories that constantly conk out large amounts of Carbon Dioxide on a daily basis. All in all, we should be very grateful for Landscaping and the architects behind it because without them we may not be able to enjoy the wonders of the world we cherish and experience everyday.