Importance of Landscaping

Mother Nature. The most beautiful thing the world has to offer us is its magnificent and beautiful landscape. Showcasing the green trees, grass, and blue oceans that we often come across everyday. This is the focal point of Landscape Architecture, to make the surroundings more pleasing to the eye. A landscaper in Toronto who made one of the most beautiful places to visit in High Park, Toronto where tourists and locals go to enjoy a peaceful walk in the park admiring what Mother Nature has to offer. With landscaping, these architects make admiring the world around us much easier and basically give us a better view on life.


Protecting the environment is a job all of us humans have as inhabitants of the earth. However, nowadays we tend to do more hurt than care for our environment but because of Landscaping, we are able to preserve the beauty of the earth through various structures made by architects. Aside from protecting the environment, Landscape Architecture has found various solutions to problems of the environment such as pollution, wherein they build structures that help the air we breathe. An example of this is the Rockefeller Preserve by architect Laurance S. in Wyoming that showcase our amazing environment while protecting it without sacrificing the beauty of it.

The issue of sustainability is also tackled by landscaping. Through Landscape Architecture, saving energy and water purification are now going on a bigger scale and is now known to more people through structures built by the architects. Reviving previous polluted areas are also an area landscaping put effort into. An example of this is the Westergasfabriek park in Amsterdam where it was heavily polluted but architects were able to successfully revive it through the landscape architecture. Stormwater management is also an issue the architects tackle because of the high number of hurricanes and storms that pass all countries everywhere. With the help of Landscape Architecture they are able to create systems that are sustainable and can potentially bring back to life dying ecosystems.

Truly, Landscape Architecture is currently playing a big role in mankind’s attempt of saving the world. Providing us with the tools to hopefully bring us back to being a sustainable and eco-friendly world. Introducing various solutions to almost all environmental problems and launching them at a large scale. We should be very grateful for the Landscape Architects out there who constantly make it a point to protect the environment and give us hope that we can truly bounce back from our old ways and replace them with good habits that will not only benefit us but Mother Nature as well. This trend of sustainability started by the architects is slowly catching on with people switching to natural alternatives for food as opposed to the factory made products that are totally messing up our environment through the smoke belching factories that constantly conk out large amounts of Carbon Dioxide on a daily basis. All in all, we should be very grateful for Landscaping and the architects behind it because without them we may not be able to enjoy the wonders of the world we cherish and experience everyday.

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Why Landscape Architects Are Good For The Environment

The Future. In the year 2050, scientists say that the world will be a very scary place for us humans. In that year, air pollution will be so severe it will kill at least 6 million people every year. Carbon emission from cars and factories that are amongst the top in carbon emission will also result in warmer weather a three to six degree rise will be expected according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development or OECD for short.

Landscape Architects

More than half of the world’s population will not have access to clean drinking water. The rain forests could be extinct while hurricanes and storms will be more frequent and more severe than ever. These are the reasons why we need to stand up and do something about our environment as soon as possible. Lucky for us we have Landscape Architects. Most landscape architects make it a point to create structures that focus on saving or sustaining the environment.

Landscape Architects can actually help save the earth and make a big impact. Right now, most landscape architects have been putting up more sustainable buildings and parks around the world. With many green roofs and green buildings emerging in various countries around the world if this trend becomes bigger we may have a different outcome come 2050. For example soil. In some areas soil is heavily contaminated with toxins and heavy metals that affect the underground bodies of water which then take a ripple effect and affects the whole ecosystem in that area.

Air purification is being taken into consideration by these landscapers by installing more plants inside homes and buildings to make indoor air better while adding the green roofs on top of buildings in busy cities to cancel out all the carbon emission from vehicles and factories nearby.

An example of a Landscape Architect that puts a premium on saving the environment is Ken Yeang from Malaysia. He considers himself an ecologist first and an architect second. He integrates his architecture and saving the environment into one discipline so seamlessly. One of his biggest projects is the National Library in Singapore where in it is a 120m tall spiral like building with two large sky courts and the nearly complete Spire Edge Tower. The National Library in Singapore is actually dubbed the Library of the Tropics  because it uses bioclimatic designs and techniques. It is dubbed as a green building because of its green features and energy efficient way towards a more sustainable environment.

Because of Landscape Architects like Ken Yeang the world is taking a step in the right direction towards life. It is slowly dying because of our everyday choices and we must wake up and be more conscious of what we do. Let Ken Yeang be a role model for all young Landscape Architects and hopefully inspire them to do the same for all of their projects no matter how big or small because if all landscape architects make an effort to make their projects greener, in time we may not have to even think about our earth deteriorating but actually getting stronger and stronger.

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What are the responsibilities of a Landscaper?

The High Line in New York City by world renowned landscaper James Cornen. The High Line located in the heart of Manhattan’s West Side has become a top tourist destination in New York where tourists and local New Yorkers can experience the wide variety of plants and appreciate the environment even in the concrete jungle of New York. It is an inherently a green structure that revived an old infrastructure specifically on old railway that was turned into a sustainable and green park. It acts as a green roof which generally retains as much water as possible to be shared by all the plants in the park.

responsibilities of a Landscaper

So the question is how does a landscaper turn the old railway infrastructure into a beautiful environment friendly park? Through the cultivation and landscape, the landscaper keeps the park at tip top shape through planting the flowers, caring for the shrubs, repairing the structures, and maintaining the building itself. Landscapers are not only for parks like the High Line but are also for buildings like the Bullit Centre in Seattle which is supposed to last for 250 years through solar power and rainwater and the Bank of America where landscapers built it with renewable materials and reuse rain and waste water in the building which provides a lot of natural light due to the way the windows were made.

To keep all those structures in tip top shape, the landscapers of those respective structures must perform groundskeeping and maintenance duties daily to preserve the structures and prolong the lifespan of each structure. Basically checking on the wires, cleaning the building, and checking for any damages that may have affected the building in any way. A landscaper must also keep the lawn in check when needed the landscaper must mow the lawn to keep the beauty and cleanliness of the structures. The landscaper must also tend to the flowerbed, shrubs, and bushes they have planted before that add to the beauty of each structure. In addition, they must care for these by adding pesticide and water to the plants to ensure the life of the plants and that they become old and strong as the years go by.

Also their responsibility is a whole year job when winter comes they must be able to shovel all the snow out of the building to keep the plants alive and make the structures look clean. Perform maintenance such as fixing fountains, applying plaster and other duties. They must rake leaves in Autumn, and tend to the shrubs and pull the weeds. Acting as an all around caretaker of the structure, they must install the cement, water, lighting, and water plants and grass as needed.

A landscapers job is not an easy one but they are the ones that make the landscapes we cherish beautiful all days of the year. These responsibilities are no joke and are essential to keep these green structures up and running. All in all, these responsibilities of a landscaper are what holds the beauty of the structure and makes them shine even brighter all the time.

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